Women Take on Trucking

Women make up about 6% of the trucking workforce. But recently, we are seeing this number grow more than it ever has! Why? Trucking offers a promising career to those who want to make a good salary without committing time and money to advanced degrees. After some training and a test to get a CDL, you are ready to hit the road. Nowadays, trucking companies are realizing the need for female drivers and are adjusting their vehicles to make them easier to drive.

With the addition of separate-sex bathrooms, adjustable seats, and power steering, attracting women to the industry has been much easier. Trucking teams have also become a very popular theme among husbands and wives. Women who are retired with no children are joining forces with their truck driving husbands to see the country and make money at the same time. Eventually, women behind the wheel won’t be such a rarity!