Snack Healthy on the Road this Summer!

Truck stop, drive-thru, and gas station meals may be convenient. But, are they really the best go-to during a long road trip? Greasy, unhealthy meals make you feel tired, lethargic, and  sluggish. And, when you spend the whole day on the road, these feelings don’t exactly make it a pleasant trip.

Rather than turning to a bag of fries or a truck stop hotdog, consider bringing healthy options from home to ensure that you’re keeping yourself safe and healthy while on the road.

Fresh Stuff:

Before you leave, stock up on fruits and vegetables to turn to for both a sweet and savory fix. Make sure to choose produce that will not bruise, spoil, or stain easily. Apples, clementines, carrots, snap peas, and radishes are excellent choices. Dried fruit is also an option! But, make sure the dried fruit you buy isn’t loaded with a ton of added sugar.

If you are able to bring a cooler with you, buy some individual serving packs of guacamole, hummus, or ranch for dipping. Or, buy applesauce in a pouch for easy snacking.

Energy Stuff:

Carbs are an easy fix when you’re driving. But, turning for foods packed with protein will give you the energy you need for your entire trip. Beef jerky, nuts, and protein bars are good snacking choices for when you’re behind the wheel. If you have a cooler, bring along some Greek yogurt and cheese to make your meal complete.

If you have a chance to pull over and stretch your legs, bring along cans of tuna or salmon to slather on crackers for a healthy and wholesome lunch. Make sure the cans have a pop top so you can leave your can opener at home!

Sweet Stuff:

Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you have to give up sweet things. But, rather than turning for fatty, sugary desserts, reach for things like organic fruit snacks, or fig cookies. These will satisfy your cravings without the sugar crash.