Three Podcasts for Truckers that Aren’t About Trucking

Truckers aren’t all business all the time! Rewind a little bit with some comedic relief.

Comedy Podcast Network

The Comedy Podcast Network has content that truckers may enjoy to help pass the time while driving or while they unwind at the end of a long day, still miles from home. Podcasts are free, downloadable, and make for an interesting change from your usual music playlist or favorite CD.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This has more a trucking focus to it, while still being an intriguing story to listen to. Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional podcast that details the spooky story of a woman trucker who is driving across the country in search of a wife she previously thought was dead. The story is known for its mysterious, creepy plotline and the whole podcast is done via a truck’s CB radio, which only enhances the spook factor. If you are driving late at night and looking for something chilling to keep you on your toes, this podcast may be right for you!

Freakonomics Radio

A popular podcast by the author of the book Freakonomics, this podcast covers a variety of entertaining topics meant to make listener’s think and reflect on our modern world. Although not trucking specific, this podcast is currently one of the most popular on iTunes and has episodes that can entertain individuals no matter their careers or interests.