Solar Panels on Trucks? Next Big Thing

July 2, 2019 Lynn White 0

Truck batteries are expensive. They have to be able to run all day and occasionally stay on during the night. Using them for every little thing can cause your battery to die faster, costing you more money in the long run.

Companies have started introducing on-truck solar panels to ease the use of a truck battery.

The solar panels and their installation cost an average of $2,000, but they pay for themselves in as little as three years.

The panels can run electric heating and cooling systems as well as power up other appliances, which comes in handy if driving a reefer truck or van. Not having to worry about keeping items cool is a big weight off of truckers shoulders.

Solar panels on semi-trucks is a new thing. It’s hard to tell if its something that will take off everywhere, or if it will be something only a select few companies use.


Why There is a Shortage of Truck Drivers in the U.S.

June 1, 2018 Lynn White 0

Truck drivers are vital to the American economy. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that there is a need for 48,000 truck drivers in an industry of 800,000. What are the causes of this shortage of truck drivers?

Shortage of Truck Drivers Causes

  • Long days
  • Hard to have a family
  • Sit and watch the road hours at a time
  • The pay doesn’t keep up with inflation

The Complete Guide to the Best Gas Station Coffee in Every State

January 5, 2018 Lynn White 0

That Americans love coffee should come as no surprise. Moreover, coffee consumption has increased over the years, according to Frank Beard, a retail trend analyst at GasBuddy. So it’s no wonder that most people like to grab a cup of coffee when they’re on the go. “It is evident that gas station convenience stores are taking market shares from QSRs and cafes by creating a true coffee experience,” explains Beard.

As a matter of fact, 56 percent of Americans believe that convenience stores make coffee drinks that are just as good as those at coffeehouses. However, some gas stations outshine others in the coffee category, making them great stops for your doses of caffeine while on the road. Here is a list of the highest-rate gas station coffee in each state.

Best Gas Station Coffee by State

Alabama: MAPCO

Alaska: Holiday

Arkansas: Casey’s

Arizona: QuikTrip

California: 7-Eleven

Colorado: Kum & Go

Connecticut: Cumberland Farms

District of Columbia: Shell

Delaware: Wawa

Florida: Wawa

Georgia: QuikTrip

Hawaii: Chevron

Idaho: Conoco

Illinois: Kelley’s Market

Indiana: Pilot

Iowa: Casey’s

Kansas: QuikTrip

Kentucky: Thorntons

Louisiana: RaceTrac

Maine: Irving

Maryland: Wawa

Massachusetts: Cumberland Farms

Michigan: Holiday

Minnesota: Kwik Trip

Mississippi: Circle K

Missouri: QuikTrip

Montana: Town Pumo

North Carolina: QuikTrip

North Dakota: Casey’s

Nebraska: Kum & Go

New Hampshire: Cumberland Farms

New Jersey: Wawa

New Mexico: Chevron

Nevada: Maverik

New York: Cumberland Farms

Ohio: Sheetz

Oklahoma: QuikTrip

Oregon: Chevron

Pennsylvania: Wawa

Rhode Island: Cumberland Farms

South Carolina: QuikTrip

South Dakota: Casey’s

Tennessee: Speedway

Texas: Buc-ee’s

Utah: Maverik

Virginia: Wawa

Vermont: Irving

Washington: Mobil

Wisconsin: Kwik Trip

West Virginia: Sheetz

Wyoming: Maverik

QuikTrip obtained the top spot in seven states. The runner-up, Wawa, isn’t doing bad either by topping the list in six states. If you live in the Northeast, you’re most likely to grab a cup of gas station coffee at Cumberland Farms. The chain is number one in a whopping five states in the region.

Three Podcasts for Truckers that Aren’t About Trucking

October 10, 2017 Lynn White 0

Truckers aren’t all business all the time! Rewind a little bit with some comedic relief.

Comedy Podcast Network

The Comedy Podcast Network has content that truckers may enjoy to help pass the time while driving or while they unwind at the end of a long day, still miles from home. Podcasts are free, downloadable, and make for an interesting change from your usual music playlist or favorite CD.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This has more a trucking focus to it, while still being an intriguing story to listen to. Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional podcast that details the spooky story of a woman trucker who is driving across the country in search of a wife she previously thought was dead. The story is known for its mysterious, creepy plotline and the whole podcast is done via a truck’s CB radio, which only enhances the spook factor. If you are driving late at night and looking for something chilling to keep you on your toes, this podcast may be right for you!

Freakonomics Radio

A popular podcast by the author of the book Freakonomics, this podcast covers a variety of entertaining topics meant to make listener’s think and reflect on our modern world. Although not trucking specific, this podcast is currently one of the most popular on iTunes and has episodes that can entertain individuals no matter their careers or interests.

Snack Healthy on the Road this Summer!

June 22, 2017 Lynn White 0

Truck stop, drive-thru, and gas station meals may be convenient. But, are they really the best go-to during a long road trip? Greasy, unhealthy meals make you feel tired, lethargic, and  sluggish. And, when you spend the whole day on the road, these feelings don’t exactly make it a pleasant trip.

Rather than turning to a bag of fries or a truck stop hotdog, consider bringing healthy options from home to ensure that you’re keeping yourself safe and healthy while on the road.

Fresh Stuff:

Before you leave, stock up on fruits and vegetables to turn to for both a sweet and savory fix. Make sure to choose produce that will not bruise, spoil, or stain easily. Apples, clementines, carrots, snap peas, and radishes are excellent choices. Dried fruit is also an option! But, make sure the dried fruit you buy isn’t loaded with a ton of added sugar.

If you are able to bring a cooler with you, buy some individual serving packs of guacamole, hummus, or ranch for dipping. Or, buy applesauce in a pouch for easy snacking.

Energy Stuff:

Carbs are an easy fix when you’re driving. But, turning for foods packed with protein will give you the energy you need for your entire trip. Beef jerky, nuts, and protein bars are good snacking choices for when you’re behind the wheel. If you have a cooler, bring along some Greek yogurt and cheese to make your meal complete.

If you have a chance to pull over and stretch your legs, bring along cans of tuna or salmon to slather on crackers for a healthy and wholesome lunch. Make sure the cans have a pop top so you can leave your can opener at home!

Sweet Stuff:

Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you have to give up sweet things. But, rather than turning for fatty, sugary desserts, reach for things like organic fruit snacks, or fig cookies. These will satisfy your cravings without the sugar crash.

Prepare for Winter on the Road

November 16, 2016 Lynn White 0

One thing we can be thankful for this Thanksgiving: warm November days. However, don’t let this little break from snow fool you. In addition to winterizing your diesel engine, remember to keep emergency necessities in mind. Grab a tote and pack it full of items that will come in handy in the case of an emergency.

What to pack? Consider these items:

  • Booster cables
  • Water bottles
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Blankets
  • Road salt, sand, cat litter
  • Battery powered radio
  • A windshield scraper
  • Matches and small candles
  • A flashlight
  • Spare batteries
  • A whistle

With these items in your truck, you will drive easier in the snow knowing you are prepared!

Women Take on Trucking

September 7, 2016 Lynn White 0

Women make up about 6% of the trucking workforce. But recently, we are seeing this number grow more than it ever has! Why? Trucking offers a promising career to those who want to make a good salary without committing time and money to advanced degrees. After some training and a test to get a CDL, you are ready to hit the road. Nowadays, trucking companies are realizing the need for female drivers and are adjusting their vehicles to make them easier to drive.

With the addition of separate-sex bathrooms, adjustable seats, and power steering, attracting women to the industry has been much easier. Trucking teams have also become a very popular theme among husbands and wives. Women who are retired with no children are joining forces with their truck driving husbands to see the country and make money at the same time. Eventually, women behind the wheel won’t be such a rarity!

How to Get Fit on the Road

August 4, 2016 Lynn White 0

Feel like you’re sacrificing a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver? You don’t have to! Check out this guy’s story to find out how he lost weight and started eating healthy on the road.